90 Day Bible Reading Plan


We want to celebrate all we’ve learned reading through the Bible together, so we’re hosting a meal on Friday, January 31 at the white house just south of campus. Please RSVP if you can make it so we know how many people to plan for.


This is an opportunity to gain a broad understanding of what the Bible says and how the various parts fit into a cohesive story. It is a commitment to spend the next 90 days (Oct 25 – Jan 22) seeking the Lord in his Word and in community with other believers.


You will pick your preference of the two reading plans and then follow it each day for the next 90 days. You may choose to engage the Scriptures through reading (in a physical Bible or on an app on your phone) or listening (resources available online or through many apps) to the passages.


WHOLE BIBLE: The primary reading plan covers the entire Bile, every verse from Genesis 1 through Revelation 22. This plan averages out to 45-60 minutes of reading each day for an average speed reader.

KEY READINGS: The second option will cover key readings throughout the Bible so you can get an idea of the Biblical storyline. This plan averages out to 15-30 minutes of reading each day for an average speed reader.

Both plans are laid out chronologically in order to help you richly experience the history of God’s people and his continual pursuit of them.

To help you track your progress, there are digital and print options for each of the reading plans. If you prefer to have a paper copy, simply download and print off your chosen plan, then track your progress by marking off the passages as you read them. If you would like to track your plan digitally, open up your preferred digital plan, then make a copy (File > Make a Copy) of the Google spreadsheet in your own Drive and mark your progress on it.



Each week, there will be a variety of discussion groups you can participate in. These groups are entirely optional. They are designed to give those going through the reading plans opportunities to discuss what they are reading and learning with others, ask questions about anything they’ve found confusing or hard to understand, and receive encouragement from others in the group to persevere. Each group will be facilitated by a leader, but the focus will be on whatever individual members want to discuss. You do not need to attend the same group every week (or any group at all), they are meant to simply be an optional, additive resource as you go through the study. The locations and times of these discussion groups are listed below.


Here are a collection of other resources you may find helpful as you read through the Bible. Feel free to use any, all, or none of them.

Visual Bible Timeline: Broad timeline overview of the Bible to help you see what periods of time specific books cover.

Biblical Theme Videos: These are a collection of videos that help explain certain ideas or themes within the Bible which may be unfamiliar to you. Accompanying each video is a suggestion on when it may be helpful to watch based on the passages you are reading. They were put together by The Bible Project (they have a collection of other helpful materials on their website).

Audio Bible: You may find it helpful to listen to Scripture in stead of (or in addition to) reading it. The YouVersion Bible App allows you to pick any passage in the Bible and listen to it.

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