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Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people with Jesus Christ. One of the ways we do that is by meeting people and talking about life and spirituality in evangelism.

We are providing an opportunity to go out with someone else in Cru who is experienced in evangelism. Our goal is to get into spiritual conversations with people on campus, learn about them, and share God’s love with them. You can sign up for a slot (or more than one!) for the week of Jan 31 – Feb 06 using SignUpGenius. Just mark the time slots you would like to go and include your contact info so the person you’re going with can get in touch. You can also list a preferred location (e.g., one of the dining centers, the Memorial Union, etc.) and ministry tool (explained below) if you’d like to.

Perspectives – Card-based survey focused on people’s worldview (the lens through which they see reality). Topics include the Nature of God, Purpose and Meaning of Life, Nature of Humanity, Who Jesus is, and the Source of Spiritual Truth.
Soularium – Picture-based survey focused on people’s lives and spiritual beliefs (their current experience of life, how they view God, etc.)

There are also app versions of both tools on Android and iOS. Just search in your app store for “Cru” + the tool name.