Social Distancing Guidelines

Living life in the midst of a pandemic requires flexibility. In order to best follow the dual Biblical commands to love and care for communities as well as honoring those in authority over us, we are enacting the following guidelines which will apply to any NDSU Cru gathering or event. These guidelines may change week to week, and we would ask you to follow whichever guidelines are strictest between those posted here and any federal, state, local, or university guidelines you are aware of. Following these guidelines will allow a greater number of people to safely and comfortably participate in the community of Cru. Thank you for helping us make that possible.


GROUP SIZE – Indoors: limited to the lesser between 15 people, and 25% of the posted capacity of a room. Outdoors: limited to 15 people.
SOCIAL DISTANCING – Everyone is encouraged to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between members.
FACE COVERINGS – Indoors: required for any gathering. Outdoors: required for any gathering where a minimum of 6 feet of distancing cannot be maintained at all times, highly encouraged for any gathering outdoors, even if distancing can be maintained.

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