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NDSU Prayer Walk

  1. Survey Followup
    • Praise God that over 250 people filled out our survey and 20 freshmen that came to our Sunday worship over the weekend!
    • Pray that students would respond as we follow up with them and that we would have many opportunities to share the gospel.
    • Pray we would see many more take the survey as we begin to promote it on social media
  2. Leaders
    • Pray for our leaders to quickly learn the ropes in their new roles as they rely on the Holy Spirit to empower them.
    • Pray that our leaders would richly experience the gospel daily in their own lives as they interact with others and have opportunities to talk about what God is doing in their lives.
    • Pray our leaders would live in the rest and peace God provides as they step out of their comfort zones in faith.
    • Pray against any attacks that the enemy might use to sideline or discourage them.
  3. Community Groups
    • Pray that we would have at least 2-3 freshmen in each Res Hall who are interested right away so we can build connections there.
      • Burgum, Cater, Churchill, Dinan, Johnson, Pavek, Reed, Seim, Sevrinson, Thompson
    • Pray for the many CG Leaders who are new to the role as they prepare and lead content.
    • Pray for returning students to quickly get plugged back in with their groups.
  4. Weekly Meeting
    • Pray that our first Weekly Meeting would go well tomorrow night.
    • Pray that we would see 150 people fill the theater.
    • Pray for all of the technology and logistics to go smoothly and not distract from the message we share.
    • Pray there would be an air of excitement around the meeting.
    • Pray that students would connect well with one another at our freezee social afterward.