NDSU Cru Virtual Movement


Tuesdays 7:30pm – Online through Zoom.

Throughout the week – Connect with a leader and meet virtually for fellowship and to study the Bible.

We want to connect with you. Fill out a quick form so we know how to.


Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus many changes have occurred over the last few weeks. As we adapt to new circumstances, we are reminded that we worship a God who is in control at all times and does not change. Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ, and we seek for that to continue to be true for you in this season.

We look forward to walking with you through this season as we seek God together and persist in the Bible’s command to continue to meet together for encouragement, fellowship, and our mutual sanctification.


Our movement is implementing alternative ways to meet up during this season. We will continue to have a Weekly Meeting virtually at its normal time (Tuesdays, 7:30pm). Our Community Groups will also continue to meet virtually. You can find more information about these below. We look forward to seeing you around (virtually)!

Keep an eye on the Calendar and social media for links and events!


Tuesdays – 7:30pm

We will be hosting our Weekly Meeting over Zoom, an online platform that will allow us to continue to connect together as a community. Each week, we will have biblical content from a speaker followed by smaller discussion groups that will allow us to process what we heard and care for one another.


While students are away from campus, our Community Groups will continue to meet virtually throughout the week. The leaders of your group should be getting in touch with you soon to give you the details for what that will look like.

If you aren’t currently connected with a Community Group, feel free to reach out to the contact person for a group on the Community Groups page.


Here are some materials that might help you connect with God in this season. Book of the Month is a method to help you study the Bible and dig into a particular book. OIA is a helpful system to look at a passage in the Bible by Observing what’s there, Interpreting what it says, and Applying it to your life. Lastly, Here is a page full of other resources and tips to help you connect with God. We hope you find these helpful as you meet with God in this season!


NDSU Cru Snail Mail is a way to connect with other NDSU Cru members via the old fashion way of writing a letter and mailing it to your assigned mailing friend for the week. If you sign up, each Monday you will be given a new friend to write to including their name, address, and writing prompt for the week (ex. of a writing prompt: “This week, encourage your mailing friend with what God has been teaching you” or “If you could invite any 6 guests to a dinner party, who would they be?”). Then you can follow the prompt with anything new and exciting you want to write about!

To be in the rotation to be given a name and address on Monday, you must sign up by the Friday previous. Once you have signed up once, you will be in the rotation to receive a new name every Monday unless you opt out by emailing the address below.

We hope you sign up and join us as we seek to build strong community across our movement!

If you have previously signed up for Snail mail and would prefer to opt-out for future weeks, email Melaree.sondrol@cru.org and let her know to take you off the list.

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