Volleyball Tournament


Competitive League Bracket

Friendly League Bracket


NDSU Cru is hosting a volleyball tournament on Saturday, September 11th. The tournament will start at 2pm and take place at the R/J and High Rise volleyball courts. There will be Competitive and Friendly leagues. You are able to sign up as an individual, group (2-5), or a full team (6-8).


Prizes will be awarded to each person on the team.

Double Elimination Bracket
1st Place: $20 Amazon Gift Card + $5 Cherry Berry Gift Card
2nd Place: $5 Cherry Berry Gift Card

Either Round Robin or Double Elimination (dependent on the number of teams)
1st Place: $5 Cherry Berry Gift Card
2nd Place: Free Sandy’s Donut Coupon


You can sign up as an Individual, Group (2-5 people), or Team (6-8 people). When you sign up as an individual or group, we will place you with others in your league to form a full team. You must sign up by 12:00pm (Noon) on Friday, September 10 in order to participate.

If you need to update your existing registration (you add someone to your group, you now have a full team, etc.), fill out this Registration Update Form.


  • Check in for your team at the registration table between 1:00 and 1:30pm
  • We will contact you with your game’s time and location
  • After your game(s), return to the registration table and record your game’s score


  • Must be an NDSU student to participate
  • Games are to 21 points (win by 2)
  • You can only score when your team is serving
  • 6 people on the court at a time
  • Rotate positions clockwise when your team gets the serve back
    • If your team has more than 6 people, rotate on and off the court as a part of this movement
  • 3 touches per side, no double touches
  • No carries, touching the net, or blocking serves
  • Be nice, don’t be a jerk
  • Have fun!

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