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Cru Winter Conference (CruWC) /// Minneapolis is a time to join peers who want to explore: life with God, life together, and a life of positive impact. Because, the four years you are in college are really about setting up the next 40 years (and more) of life. Because, while college might be the highlight of life thus far, it isn’t meant to be the high point of the rest of your life. Join with over 1,000 other college students for 5 days in Minneapolis to grow in your relationship with God and have a lasting impact on the community.


Dec 28 – Jan 1
You’ll arrive the afternoon of the 28th and leave the morning of the 1st.


Register and use the code WINTER50 by Dec 3rd to receive an additional $50 off!


Hilton Minneapolis
1001 S Marquette Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Map and Directions


  • Bible
  • Journal
  • Something to Write With
  • Overnight Necessities
  • Money for Food


If money is the reason why you can’t go to CruWC /// Minneapolis, talk to any staff on your campus. We have scholarships available!


Cru Winter Conference is actually a collection of conferences in 9 different cities. If you think you might live closer to a different CruWC, you can head to for additional details on the other locations.

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