Community Groups

Community Groups are smaller groups of people that meet together to study and discuss the Bible, pray for each other, and build authentic, lasting relationships with one another.

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, whether you’ve been walking with God for years or you’re just wanting to check out this whole Christianity thing; find a group to get involved with and continue your journey with God. Most of our community groups are named after the Res Halls they meet in / near. If you live in one of those places, we’d encourage you to check out the Community Group near you. If you live somewhere else on campus (LLC, Niskanen, etc.) or off campus, pick any group that works in your schedule and check it out.

Most of our Community Groups should be starting within the first 2-3 weeks of the year, we’ll keep this page updated with days, times, and locations as they are decided.

NDSU Men's Community Groups

CG NameLocationTimeContactPhoneEmail
JohnsonSunken tables in courtyard by RDCT 6:00pmAndrew
ReedSunken tables in courtyard by RDCM 7:00pmKyle
Pavek/Seim/CaterYard between Cater, Seim, and PavekTh 7:00pmNick
Stockbridge/ChurchillNW Churchill FieldTh 6:00pmJames
Thompson/SevrinsonOutside Walster HallTh 7:00pmJake

NDSU Women's Community Groups

CG NameLocationTimeContactPhoneEmail
Burgum/DinanBabbling BrookM 5:15pmAnna
Seim/Pavek/CaterYard south of Shepperd ArenaTh 7:00pmMelaree
Thompson/SevrinsonTBDTh 4:00pmMorgan
Weible (N+S)Grass to the west of ReedTh 7:00pmKaitlyn

Community Group Locations Map

Click on the sidebar button (top left) to open up the list of Community Groups, select the one you are interested in to see it’s exact location.

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