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NDSU Leaders

Materials and Resources

We’ve collected various resources that will be helpful to you as a leader. We hope it’s helpful to you this year.

Sign Ups

Sign up to help out with tables and other activities.

Celebrate What God is Doing

We want to see lives transformed by the gospel. Help us celebrate what God is doing on campus by filling out this form.

Reimbursement Form

If you’ve made a purchase related to Cru, you can be reimbursed by using the form linked below. Possible examples include:

  • Going into the dining center to meet someone new and have a spiritual conversation. (until 10/1 – full cost, after – up to $5)
  • Following up with a survey contact who marked that they’d like to meet up with coffee on us. (full cost for you and them)
  • Meeting up with someone new who no one else has met up with yet. (up to $5)
  • Approved expenses related to a specific Cru event (e.g., Community Team purchasing supplies for an event) (full cost)


Fill out the Reimbursement Form.

  1. Fill out the Signer Information.
    • Student or Volunteer: Enter your name and email.
    • Cru Staff Requester: Kyle Hellevang –
    • Cru Staff Approver: Field Finance Team –
  2. Open the Email from Cru Payables via DocuSign and click on Review Document.
  3. Fill out the YELLOW sections of the document.
    • If you want the reimbursement directly deposited into an account, make sure you fill out the Account Number and Routing Number fields (otherwise, Cru will mail you a check at the listed address, this will be slower than direct deposit).
    • For the Description, use “[Ministry Activity] – [First Name Initial][Last Name]“. (e.g., Dining Center EV – J. Smith)
    • The Amount is the approved amount listed above.
  4. Attach a picture of your Receipt.
  5. Click Finish.


We will be using Slack for all of our leader’s communication this year. Once you have signed up, you can go to or use the app.

You need to enable notifications in Slack, once you have been added to the #leaders channel, you’ll need to make sure you receive notifications for that channel so you have up to date information when announcements are put out. To enable notifications, go Here. If you are still having issues you can check out Slack’s troubleshooter for notifications for Android.

Leaders Meeting Dates

  • September 6
  • October 4
  • November 1
  • December 6